Vonzeles (Von – Zel – us) is a team of talented artists whose passionfor music commands people’s attention and lures them to listenattentively. Creating music about the fun and enjoyable aspects of lifeis just the beginning of the musical and social movement Vonzelesrepresents. The spirituality and consciousness of the band is clearlyfelt in their music and forms the basis for their energy and enjoymentof the physical world we create and live in. Vonzeles’ hard work,perseverance, energy and presentation of live shows cement alllisteners with the soul of Vonzeles.

Vonzeles live performances have caused front row women to cry over theheartbreak of “I Remember” make people hop like “Sex Machines”, orrebel against the “End Of Days”, and that’s just the “Half Of It”. Thetruth is Vonzeles has what everyone is looking for. Vonzeles dares todefy the system or any force that prevents the human body from fullyand completely living the human experience.

The highly anticipated 2nd release from Vonzeles, the “Next One”, was released in November 2007.

The Vonzeles debut album New Existence was released in October, 2004.The band toured over 20 states in one year. The band has performedextensively for years including major festival events such as VelocityTour, and Orange County Choppers (OCC) Motorcycle Fest and 2007 SturgisRally.

Don’t be jealous; it’s just Vonzeles
Carl "Venom" – Vocals
Alex Asoul – Guitar, vocals
Tom Ky – Bass, vocals
Tim “Stann” Duff – Drums